The Rose and Thorns Ladies Social Club—where fame, sex, scandal, and sisterhood are always in vogue.

Pull back the red velvet curtain for a peek at the glitterati’s most salacious and long-lived secret society.

Founded in the dark, dangerous days of Hollywood during the Hays Code, The Rose and Thorns Ladies Social Club began as a haven for famous “female adventurers”—women who love women—to mingle, network, find a lover for the night or for life, and above all, to be their authentic selves away from judgmental eyes.

Actresses, models, politicians, dancers, athletes, heiresses . . . the Rose and Thorns welcomed them all, and its membership is rumored to have included some of history’s most compelling women. This latest generation is no different.

Decades have passed, the Hays Code has fallen, women’s place in society has shifted, and the nature of fame itself has changed. But the Rose and Thorns remains: a place where the famous, the infamous, the wealthy, the powerful, the beautiful, and the talented still meet in secret . . . until now.