By Heidi Belleau and Sam Schooler

Release: TBA
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After calling out her director for his sleazy onset antics at Comic Con, Brooke Lexington has gone from the rising star of a billion-dollar franchise to one of the most-hated gossip items in the industry.

Most-hated is still Tris Grady. Once blockbuster director Brad Michaels’s ingenue muse, she was shunned out of Hollywood five years ago for the crime of saying yes where Brooke said no, and she’s been in hiding ever since. Turns out she prefers it that way.

Tris can’t sit by and watch Brooke dragged over the coals while their mutual ex-director walks away unscathed, though, even if it costs her hard-won privacy.

Within the safety of the Rose & Thorns, their relationship becomes much more than an alliance, but will Tris be able to handle the increased scrutiny romantic involvement with Brooke of all people brings?

And when Brad hands Brooke the role of a lifetime as a peace offering, can she afford not to take this one last chance at stardom, even if it means breaking Tris’s heart?